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From regular client node desktops to specific components such as server RAID configurations and ECC memory, DigitalDUDE has your bases covered in repairs.


Whether you need an artsy blog site or a marketable front end with a chatbot and user forms, DigitalDUDE will make sure that your company’s website is top-notch.


If you’re looking for a quality and dependable backup solution, a scheduling system to time your data redundancy or merely just data recovery services, trust DigitalDUDE.


LIf you run a small or medium sized business or even a retail store, you will likely have and internal network (LAN) which connects to the internet(WAN). DigitalDUDE can setup and manage devices on this network.


From Windows Server 2012 onward, DigitalDUDE can setup and manage your server, hardware and even Domain Network. We can source reasonably priced equipment for business on a budget to.


Is your business security conscious; are your employees mindful and attentive to sufficient protocols to keep your data and network safe while at work? DigitalDUDE can security audit your business and internal network.

Keeping up to date with the digital world:

DigitalDUDE’s Commitment to Quality:

When you use DigitalDUDE for your personal or business repair, home business or online store webdesign or DigitalDUDE’s enterprise level business assistance, you’re getting decades of hands on computer knowledge and practical experience at your service


From the beginning of x86 processing, DigitalDUDE has been hands-on since 286s running DOS 2.0. DigitalDUDE knows computers.


DigitalDUDE is just as comfortable setting up your boardroom presentation as building your band’s website.  We’re working on your side.


DigitalDUDE knows computers, and that computers can be more $$ than many incomes can support. Our used parts and timely service are $$ friendly.


DigitalDUDE not only understands networking protocols and can lock ports, prevent intrusion and select optimum security software depending on need.

DigitalDUDE’s Commitment to Security

A key component of the DigitalDUDE platform is an integral focus on security. While often this includes 3rd-party firewalls and internet security software it also includes teaching, training and online safety lessons where appropriate. Making sure that individuals and especially staff in an office environment know what they SHOULDN’T be doing is effectively 150% of the overall solution to many security problems. DigitalDUDE can easily implement sufficient safeguards and software solutions to assist.

software Security:

User-end systems such as laptops and desktops can easily have pesky malware or virus removals done as well as software solutions to prevent malicious web traffic and prevent software infections.

Network SEcurity:

Outfitting your business / workplace network with sufficient hardware and software to block and prevent intrusion as well as consider privacy of data transmitted on that network is an integral consideration.


Whether you’re just installing your first server, need professional recommendations on which software to use or want to tighten up your server and network, DigitalDUDE has your company covered.

Security AUDIT

Any business that handles even simple information such as tax forms, bill payments and personal employee details needs to be security conscious in order to make sure that information isn’t exposed.

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