DigitalDUDE strives for excellence in terms of operational success of its logical purpose. Our three primary service fields are computer repair & sales, computer consultancy and webdesign.

Computer repair & sales:

DigitalDUDE strives to make a specific line of refurbished workstation known as mid-class workstations. Our particular product line is good for heavy computer use (such as research browsing involving spreadsheets and many-tab research browsing where multi-core processing and larger amounts of ram are helpful. Our mid-class workstations are also good for audio production and light video work as well. These units also allow for graphics editing around the FHD (19200×1080) resolution and under. Furthermore these units area available around the $500 range.

Our computer repairs (hardware) include not only standard repairs (lcd and power jack repair in laptops and dust cleaning in desktops) but also specialty repairs like overheating and liquid damage repairs. In terms of software we do regular software maintenance including software conflict resolution but also malware removal both automated (with antivirus) and manually (for more stubborn / persistant malware).

Computer Consultancy:

Our computer consultancy extends primarily to small businesses who need a gamut different services such as server setup & maintenance, network installation and peripheral setup, network security (including router level, firewall and internet security / antivirus). We also provide commercial webdesign services including company updates (blogs), various plugins (including security, chatbot, etc..) and are able to provide fully operation online stores as well.


DigitalDUDE’s webdesign services are comprehensive and well thought out. Our work for the client is with the client and our general price range is quite affordable for most individuals (home offices / small businesses and artists / artisans). For current pricing on this service check out webdesign in the menu above.



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