DigitalDUDE is a commercial evolution that basically started in 2007 as WebMekanix, an online webdesign company that specialized in comprehensive online solutions for small business and artists. In 2010 WebMekanix started doing computer repairs as XOR Computers which was a short lived effort due to complicated increases in overhead costs associated with operating a retail location. In 2012, Core Computer Consultancy started as a computer consultancy operation based predominantly on customers from XOR Computers. Core Computer Consultancy relied heavily on word of mouth advertising in and around the neighbourhood as customer referrals always went well and the “if it didn’t get fixed, then the customer doesn’t pay” motto worked well with new customers.

By 2015, WebMekanix, XOR Computers and Core Computer Consultancy merged into a single digital operation known as DigitalDUDE that did computer repairs, webdesign and small business consulting including data recovery, network security and server setup and maintenance.

Although the organization of DigitalDUDE has changed over the years, there’s still a few things that DigitalDUDE customers have ALWAYS been able to rely on. 1. The customers satisfaction is a top priority. 2. If the repair is not sufficiently successful there will not be any charge. 3. DigitalDUDE selectively retains used systems for parts offering customers an option to accept used (refurbished) components in their upgrades or repairs, greatly reducing costs.

If you have a (as far as your concerned) challenging repair question, DigitalDUDE would love to hear you out and probably offer a great solution. We tackle complicated problems like liquid damage and overheating as well as manual malware removals (for servers and business class systems with VPNs and tunneling – where standard AV software may result in software conflicts).

Whether you need a website, hardware repair (including laptops, desktops, phones, screens and more), software tuning (firewall, security suite, data recovery, etc…) or even networking, security and server setup & maintenance, DigitalDUDE has you and/or your business covered 110% of the way every time.

Sincerely, DigitalDUDE



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