Listed below is a roster of DigitalDUDE staff and a brief personal auto-biographical description of them self (as a DigitalDUDE staff member).

Erick – Owner / Primary repair technician

Erick is a hard working and technically experienced repair technician. His history includes mechanical experience (such as repairing bicycles and around-the-house mechanical things like latching door handles, sealing closures (such as windows) and small mechanical-electrical devices such as CD players, electrical fans and walkmans. He also has practical electronics experience with soldering, circuit boards & components and other (hardware side) electronics repair.

From the digital scope, Erick is experienced at working with digital devices such as MP3 players, CD Players and televisions (digital devices without software) as well as more complicated digital electronics such as GPS systems, smart TVs and routers.

Erick has been working with digital computers since around the time of the first x86 – 286 computers. He’s worked with computers through the days of DOS (since 2.0), MS Windows (since 3.1) and Windows (since Windows 95 onwards). He has experience with multiple Linux distributions including CENT OS, Fedora and Debian and is also experienced with servers including MS Windows Domain Name server structure, server & network setup & maintenance as well as server-side database logistics and management.

On top of all this he is an experienced web designer with hardcoding experience in HTML, PHP and JavaScript. Although he is neither a graphic artist nor a graphic designer, his CMS websites (WordPress, phpBB and Joomla) are not only operationally functional but tend to include additional security measures beyond the standard CMS default.



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