Software functions performed by DigitalDUDE include (but are not limited to):

Fine Tuning:

Software Conflict Issues: Generally $25-$50 an hour (including analysis time)

General Tune-Up: $40 (helps increase system stability and speed)

Software Virus Removals:

Virus Removal (automatic): $25 (plus cost of security suite)

Virus Removal (manual): $50 (up to 1/2 hour) or $100 (over 1/2 hour & under 1 hour) $150 (over 1 hour).

Operating System Installations:

Windows: $40 plus cost of Operating System (provided by customer)

Linux: $80 plus cost of operating system (if any — provided by customer)

Software Office Installations:

Office Installation: (Microsoft Office): $25 (plus cost or provision of software)

Office Installation: (Open Office): $25 (for installation cost).



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